Finding a Lung Cancer Attorney Near Me

In some cases, after a patient learns of their lung cancer diagnosis, they may be eligible to take legal recourse. However, taking legal action can be overwhelming and confusing. Luckily, an experienced lawyer can guide lung cancer patients through the legal journey regardless of location. Finding a lung cancer attorney and taking legal recourse can be intimidating as there are many options. Patients should be cautious and detailed with their lung cancer attorney search. Lawyers help guide a court’s decision, so it is of utmost importance that an attorney has the necessary qualities. Whether looking locally or nationally, there are several resources available to patients.

Local and National Resources Tips

Finding local resources can benefit many cancer patients as it can cut the cost of travel. You can search for local care at the Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition or contact a local hospital resource center.

On the other hand, national resources are abundant for lung cancer patients. Lawyers from across the nation can assist patients through emails, messaging, and virtual meetings regardless of your state. The below resources should help you get started in finding quality assistance.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Your State

Workers’ compensation typically is awarded when an employee is injured or develops a disability on the job. Many people associate work comp with common personal injuries such as sprains, broken bones, and contusions, but workers’ compensation extends far beyond these, including lung cancer.

Many workers developed lung cancer on the job due to exposure to harmful chemicals such as asbestos. There are personal injury lawyers that work specifically with employees that have developed lung cancer due to their job. However, workers’ compensation can vary from state to state based on the statute of limitations and other laws that determine eligibility. A lung cancer workers’ compensation attorney will analyze a patient’s situation and determine eligibility to bring justice to those diagnosed with cancer.

Attorney for Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer

Some lawyers work specifically with those that developed lung cancer due to asbestos. Clients may have developed lung cancer caused by asbestos from products used, toxic locations nearby, and many other reasons. Patients in certain states might have an easier time finding an asbestos-related attorney due to the high number of asbestos-related diseases in their region. For example, California is a source of naturally occurring asbestos, so there are many asbestos lawyers there. However, it might be difficult for others if there are fewer asbestos-related cases in their state. Asbestos-related attorneys search for the root cause of cancer to provide the client justice and a settlement.

In addition to asbestos, many other harmful chemicals can cause a person to develop lung cancer. Exposure to toxic substances can lead to lung cancer development. Additional chemicals include:

  • Radon
  • Arsenic
  • Uranium
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Nickel
  • Petroleum
  • Particle pollution

An example of toxic exposure includes railroad workers being exposed to chemical solvents and welding fumes which leads to a lung cancer diagnosis. Toxic exposure attorneys, such as railroad lung cancer lawyers, tackle cases of lung cancer development due to corporate negligence and poisonous chemical exposure.

How Much Does a Lung Cancer Attorney Cost?

Sadly, lung cancer has a significant financial impact. Although many patients understand the costs associated with treatment, many do not consider those associated with legal assistance. Legal options and costs can vary in terms of availability and taxes according to a patient’s location, so a patient should inquire with specific lawyers to determine the choices and fees available to them.

Typically, after the lung cancer settlement is awarded, an attorney will likely accept a small percentage of the award to pay themself for winning the case. This amount will be established and agreed upon before the trial begins. Typically, for a lawsuit, the fees are 30-40% of the settlement, and for a trust fund claim, the fees are 25% of the award. Additionally, a case may require small costs that come from paperwork and court filing expenses. These factors make it difficult to assign a number as the cost of an attorney will vary from case to case.

How Can I Pay a Lung Cancer Attorney?

Most lung cancer attorney costs can vary greatly. Typically, they do not charge for a consultation as the purpose is to understand the lawyer’s compatibility with the case. After an agreement is made, an attorney will likely work on a contingency fee basis to keep a client or patient from paying unless they win said case. Therefore, if a client does win a case, they will be able to utilize the award money to pay the attorney.

How to Contact an Attorney Near Me

Determining the next steps of a patient’s journey can be intimidating, but there are several recommended courses of action. After choosing the location, qualities, and type of lawyer a patient needs, the next step is contacting a lung cancer attorney. This can be done in number of ways such as doing an online web search, looking through a local phonebook or directory, and/or reaching out to family and friends for referrals. Many local and national attorneys alike are more then willing to hear your case out. By filling out our free consultation form, patients and family members can determine if they are eligible for a lung cancer settlement near them.