A smoker breaks a cigarette in half to symbolize quitting smoking.

What Happens When you Quit Smoking?

By Megan O'Leary |

Smoking can increase the risk of developing health concerns. The sooner you quit smoking, the greater long-term health benefits you will enjoy. Continue reading as we detail what happens to your body right after you quit smoking.

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Somatic Mutations in dna.

How a Somatic Mutation Helps Smokers Avoid Lung Cancer

By Rachel Ernst |

Woman smoking cigarette and woman inhaling secondhand smoke

5 Tips to Navigate Secondhand Smoke Living with a Smoker 

By Madeline May |

It is known that secondhand smoke harms those around a smoker. However, many people are still affected by secondhand smoke. How should someone navigate the trickiness associated with living with a smoker?

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Man smoking cigarette blowing smoke

What Causes Smoker’s Lung? 

By Madeline May |

Smoking can pose a severe threat to a person's lungs, making it difficult to breathe and function. Smoking can increase the risk of numerous conditions like smoker lung. Learn about the symptoms and treatments for smokers' lungs.

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